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GMT 0º Terra Maris Limited Edition in collaboration with Miguel Seabra

Isotope proudly introduces the GMT 0º ‘Terra Maris’ Limited Edition, in collaboration with Miguel Seabra — one of the most experienced and iconic journalists of the watch (and tennis!) scene.

The GMT 0º ‘Terra Maris’ is a limited run of 49 pieces and not only features a unique GMT + date display, but also a quite original colour combination inspired by the seaside. Here's Miguel Seabra’s rationale behind the creation of the Terra Maris concept:

“When my friend José Mendes Miranda, founder of Isotope Watches, challenged me to come up with an idea for a limited edition of the GMT 0º, I pretty much envisioned a theme straight away since it had been on the back of my mind for a while. If I were to be associated with a timepiece, it would have to be quite different and boast an original colour combination. And... cool as well! So, being the GMT 0º a travel watch per definition, and being Isotope a watch brand based in a country (England) with the same time zone as mine (Portugal), I wanted it to reflect a bit the beautiful place where I live on the seaside and not only convey the idea of vacations but also casual elegance. To me, the epitome of casual elegance is a good pair of jeans coupled with brown suede shoes plus a white shirt and a nice blazer. Brown and blue also represent the land and the sea, and I live in the coastal resort of Cascais, at the most western point of Europe, where the continent ends and the ocean starts. Hence the Latin name, ‘Terra Maris’. The land and the sea, the brown and the blue, suede shoes and denim!”.

“I am also proud to collaborate with a microbrand as offbeat as Isotope Watches. Microbrands have been doing a terrific job allowing easier access to the not so cheap world of mechanical watchmaking and/or providing a choice to those who prefer wearing something out of the box. The Isotope  GMT 0º is an original timepiece, with its never before used combination of a GMT disc with a date displayed via a black dot shifting around the 31 holes on the dial”.

“Another good point for a travel watch suited for summer destinations is the water resistance; the GMT 0º ‘Terra Maris’ is water-resistant to 200 meters due to its thick 3mm sapphire glass and screwed crown. It is robust enough to go dive with and wear on the beach. A reliable Swiss Landeron automatic movement makes it ready to go and wear anywhere, anytime”.

“Of course, being a strapaholic myself, the GMT 0º ‘Terra Maris’ had to come with two choices: a metal bracelet with a clasp featuring three adjustment positions and a brown retro leather strap with blue stitching; but a black strap also works very well, matching the black tip of the Lacrima on the centre of the dial, whereas a white or light blue strap would reinforce the holiday/summer aura of the watch”.

“Two small details also make this limited edition special compared to other GMT 0º models: the Terra Maris nomenclature discreetly engraved on the central GMT disc, whereas on the back the GMT zone indicated is Lisbon (not London). A third asset is the luminescence on the hour markers beside the hour/minute hands and GMT dot, which doesn’t happen in the regular GMT 0º pieces of the collection”.

“The GMT 0º ‘Terra Maris’ edition is limited to 49 individually numbered pieces. Why such an odd figure? Because ‘my number’ is Thirteen; only 13 watches would not be enough and 130 would be too many. But 4+9 equals 13; I hope it’ll be a lucky number for everyone who chooses to have one!”.

Technical Specifications

  • Brushed case, 316L stainless steel
  • Case diameter 41.5mm x 39.5mm (44.7mm with lugs)
  • Height 14.2mm
  • Exhibition screwed case back with the world’s major cities' time-zone
  • Anti-reflective domed crystal sapphire
  • Single Screw-down crown at 3 o’clock
  • Hands and Indexes applied with Super-LumiNova®
  • Bespoke GMT 0º Metal Bracelet
  • 24mm leather strap tapered to 22mm 
  • Matching Buckle
  • Water-resistance 200m / 20 atm / 656 ft

    Swiss Made Landeron Movement (Top finish) with 3 years warranty:

    • Automatic, self-winding
    • Power reserve 40 hours
    • 28 Jewels, 28800A/h
    • Accuracy -12/+12 s/day
    • Customised finishing, date and rotor

    About Miguel Seabra:

    Miguel Seabra hails from Portugal and has been travelling the world covering tennis for 30 years and watches for 27. Feels privileged to have both his passions for professions, even though sometimes it is hard to change the chip! A commentator for Eurosport and editor of Espiral do Tempo magazine, he is a member of the Academy and former member of the jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève; he is also a member of the jury of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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