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Isotope Goutte d'Eau Instructions

Your Isotope Goutte d'Eau has an automatic movement and does not require a battery. If your watch stops, you can wind it or simply use it for a few moments and the motion of your wrist will be enough to power the watch.

The Isotope Goutte d'Eau has been assembled with either the Seiko NH35a or with the Sellita SW200-1. Both movements are self-winding and if used on a daily basis, they will store energy to up to 41 or 38 hours respectively.


Very important: Water resistance

The Goute d'Eau has been tested to a depth of up to 200 meters. 

To ensure it's water resistance do not screw, unscrew or rotate either crown while underwater.


Inner bezel

The crown at 2 o'clock operates the inner bezel. This crown has 4 gaskets and does not unscrew.

The inner bezel is used to measure the diving time. 

To operate the inner bezel, rotate the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise. Do not operate underwater.


Set time/date (version with date window)

The crown at 4 o'clock sets the time and date. 

This screw-down crown improves water resistance and protects the movement.

To unscrew the crown, turn it counterclockwise.

After adjusting the time or date, push in the crown and turn it clockwise applying moderate pressure.

Please make sure you always fully screw in the crown before operating the watch underwater.


Wind the movement

To wind the movement, unscrew the crown to position 1. If the movement is stopped, rotate the crown clockwise. Do not wind more than 40 rotations.


Set the date 

To set the date, gently pull the crown to position 2. Then turn the crown counter-clockwise. Important: To avoid damaging the movement, do not adjust the date between 9 pm and 3 am.


Set the time

To set the time, gently pull the crown to position 3 (or position 2 if your watch has the Japan made NH38 caliber). The seconds hand can be stopped at 12 o'clock for accurate time setting. Then turn the crown clockwise to set the time.


Following these simple instructions will help your movement last a lifetime.

Enjoy your watch and email us if you have any questions.


Thank you,

José Miranda│Co-founder