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Redefining Timepiece Design with Artistic Innovation and Ethical Excellence

Founded in 2016 by José and Joana Miranda, Isotope Watches' mission is to excel in producing exceptionally creative and affordable designs that push the boundaries of watchmaking. Our brand seamlessly combines elements of pop culture, art deco, art moderne, and brutalist design, resulting in truly unique and captivating watches. With a steadfast commitment to innovative production methods and ethical business practices, Isotope Watches has redefined the boundaries of watchmaking.

Headquartered in the delightful town of Henfield, England, and operating primarily from facilities in Switzerland, Isotope Watches takes great pride in creating designs that are exceptionally creative and affordable. Our remarkable "Egg of Columbus" designs and complications have garnered the attention of enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying our position as an industry leader. We strongly advocate for adopting diverse concepts and production methods, culminating in robust, refined, and purposefully unique products that impeccably harmonise form,

functionality, and equity. We firmly believe in achieving an unwavering equilibrium between aesthetics, practicality, and ethical practices, exemplifying our commitment to crafting exceptional timepieces.

HERITAGE: A Tribute to the Creative and Intellectual Titans of the Past

At Isotope Watches, we find joy in perceiving the world through the eyes of the artistic and intellectual titans who have preceded us. Porto

Our design practice is profoundly influenced by the cultural revolutions that have shaped the last two centuries; deriving inspiration from the grand narratives and unconventional heroes of our shared chronicles, we diligently study, reconstruct, and narrate these tales through products that embody the high benchmarks of excellence and discernment set by those who came before us.

SintraSimultaneously, we embrace a pioneering mindset that begins anew, forging an innovative path from the ground up.

POP CULTURE: Celebrating Societal Tastes and Expressions

Pop culture serves as a vibrant reflection of a particular society or generation's interests, tastes, and values. It constantly evolves, shaped by mass media, technology, and the collective preferences of the public. NY

Isotope Watches acknowledges the significance of pop culture in contemporary society, offering timepieces that go beyond mere functionality. Our watches provide a means of cultural expression, shared experiences, and an avenue for personal style, ensuring that our customers are part of the ever-evolving cultural narrative.

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ART DECO: Reviving the Bold Elegance of a Bygone Era

Art Deco, with its bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentation, and vibrant colours, continues to inspire and captivate.

Isotope Watches draws from the rich legacy of Art Deco, fusing it with modern sensibilities to create timepieces that embody this iconic design movement's sleek and streamlined aesthetic. Our watches pay homage to the opulence and innovation of the past while seamlessly integrating luxurious materials such as chrome, glass, and marble, resulting in timeless and contemporary timepieces.

ART MODERNE: Embracing Futuristic Simplicity and Functionality

Inspired by the industrial and technological advancements of the 1930s, Isotope Watches embraces the principles of Art Moderne, also known as Streamline Moderne.

This design style prays on simplicity, functionality, and a futuristic aesthetic. Our watches feature smooth, aerodynamic lines, curvilinear forms, and an inherent sense of motion. By incorporating geometric shapes, chrome accents, and glass block elements, Isotope Watches pays tribute to the streamlined ideals of the era, resulting in timepieces that effortlessly merge the past and the future.

 BRUTALIST DESIGN: Unleashing the Power of Unconventional Beauty

Isotope Watches fearlessly embraces the unconventional beauty of Brutalist design. Characterised by raw, exposed concrete surfaces, bold geometric shapes, and an emphasis on functionality, our watches stand out as unique works of art.

Our design philosophy draws inspiration from the ruggedness and honesty of brutalist architecture, crafting timepieces that elicit strong reactions and leave a lasting impact. While controversial, brutalist design has become an integral part of architectural history, and Isotope Watches pays homage to this movement by infusing its distinctive elements into our watch designs. 

At Isotope Watches, we consistently push boundaries in design and our unwavering commitment to quality. With every timepiece we create, we strive to redefine what is possible in the world of watches, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with our exceptionally creative and ethical approach.Rider Jumping Hour

Isotope Watches is proud to be a member of the British Watch & Clock Makers Alliance, representing the innovative world of British horology. Learn more at

Isotope is proud to introduce the commemorative watch marking the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, a Limited Edition created in partnership with the official entity overseeing the commemorations and Espiral do Tempo. Learn more at

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