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ISOTOPE GMT 0º - The Innovative International GMT

The birth of Greenwich Mean Time

Today we take the time differences between countries and distant parts of the continents as part of the fabric of the organisation of our world. However, up until the 19th century even geographically small countries such as Great Britain would use different times in different counties and towns. As late as 1879 it was estimated that around 96% of the world's shipping was using five different meridians, so travel, especially rail, and commerce needed a solution.

A solution was found at the Washington International Meridian Conference of 1884, where delegates from over twenty countries decided once and for all that the Prime Meridian should be at Greenwich in London, due to the number of shipping companies already using it and the geographical position. Then, Greenwich became a place of global importance and gave rise to Greenwich Mean Time - GMT.

As a universal watch company based in Britain, actually on the very same meridian as Greenwich, we want to recognise this centre of international horological significance with a dedicated, innovative watch, our GMT 0º. 


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The design, a World premiere

The entirely bespoke Isotope GMT 0º replaces the function of the extra GMT hand with a distinctive dial design, featuring an Isotope Lacrima shaped cut out and the combination of a date dot and a GMT disc, which has never been used together before on the same dial. The Lacrima shape is now part of the DNA of Isotope, present on all dials and in various details of all our watches.

Isotope GMT 0º Instructions

Clarity is important, so the second time zone is shown using the coloured indicator on the central disc. The date is indicated by a coloured dot visible through one of the 31 holes drilled into the multi-layered dial. Finally, the local time can be read conventionally the bespoke brushed hands created specifically to allow better legibility both in daylight or after dark. The shape of the case itself is very special, not a traditional circle but the slightly oval form of the number “0”, a further nod to the prime meridian at zero degrees longitude.

Then, turning over the brushed steel case you find an unusual half display screwed case back featuring the Lacrima shape, this time as a window, through which you can see the revolving rotor of the modified Swisstech automatic movement, signed by Isotope. The movement itself coming with an exclusive three-year warranty.

Isotope GMT 0º Steel Caseback Greenwich

The solid portion of the case back is engraved with the hours of difference of the world’s major cities relative to GMT. With special evidence given to the Greenwich Meridian.

Finally, on the screw-down crown, there is an intriguing motif designed by the company owner’s Uncle, an industrial designer by training and spirit, with hundreds of unpublished designs. In the crown is engraved the symbol of the Infinite Chain, a sketch symbolic of union and eternal motion.

The watch comes with a quick-release Cordura strap with coloured stitching, matching the dial details. The case lugs design is mirrored in the buckle, important detail and another proof that we are looking into all single details.

This is a tough, “tool” GMT, ideal for travellers and for those who appreciate a fine and distinctive watch that can withstand diving up to 200m.

The GMT 0º is the perfect international companion, above and below the water. 

Nine versions, including five Limited Editions

The GMT 0º is available in one of eight versions: White, Black, Blue and Olive Green Steel.

The Olive Green in Black DLC comes as a Limited Edition of 49 numbered watches and the case and buckle are treated with a Diamond-like Carbon Coating (DLC).

The Beluga Grey comes as a Limited Edition of 49 numbered watches. An exclusive conservative dial with a striking red second hand, matching the GMT 0º inscription of the central disc.

The Ruby comes as a Limited Edition of 49 numbered watches, a tribute to the Greenwich Meridian and Port Wine, produced in the North of Portugal in the Unesco World Heritage Douro Valley for more than 2,000 years. Both historic institutions share the same Meridian (0° longitude).

The Full Black comes as a Limited Edition of 10 numbered watches. An exclusive full black dial and second hand with a green date dot. For those who prefer an even more discreet "Lacrima".

The Full White (Snow White) is a Limited Edition of 10 numbered watches. An exclusive full white dial and second hand with a red date dot. A pure snowflake, bright and easy to read the date and both time zones. 

Technical Specifications

  • Brushed case, 316L stainless steel/Black Diamond-like Carbon
  • Case diameter 41.5mm x 39.5mm (44.7mm with lugs)
  • Height 14.2mm
  • Exhibition screwed case back with the world’s major cities time-zone
  • Anti-reflective domed crystal sapphire
  • Single Screw-down crown at 3 o’clock
  • Hands applied with Super-LumiNova®
  • 24mm strap tapered to 22mm 
  • Matching Buckle
  • Water-resistance 200m / 20 atm / 656 ft
    Swiss made customised Swisstech or Landeron (3 years warranty):
    • Automatic, self-winding
    • Power reserve 40 hours
    • 28 Jewels, 28800A/h
    • Accuracy -12/+12 s/day
    • Customised finishing, date and rotor
      Isotope GMT 0º Measurements

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