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The Rider Jumping-Hour Design

We knew our watch design needed to be unlike any other timepiece on the market. After some time travel, we found ourselves in the1930’s. The inspiration came from the Streamline Moderne era when designs were authentic and desirable. Some of the most breathtaking cars and boats ever designed were born of this era. Two excellent examples are the 1938 Phantom Corsair, designed by Rust Heinz, and the speedboats designed and built by Garfield Wood between 1930-1939. The focus was on the Art Moderne movement, rather than a specific brand or model. This is why we often mention that our watches were designed “by the wind,” as we gained inspiration from various artistic, architectural and design philosophies. Every element was created so that the watch itself looked to be in motion. The domed sapphire crystal, the smooth edges, the dial with the inverted water drop, the oval hour window, the classic colours, the original font design, the scale elements, the reinvented classic gauge hands…The ISOTOPE Rider reinterprets the Streamline Moderne philosophy to add timeless elements to its contemporary design. That’s why the Rider is unique yet familiar.


The Concept

In 1883, the Austrian engineer Josef Pallweber invented a watch complication popularly referred to as the Pallweber “Jump-Hour” movement. His invention made it easier to read the hour on pocket watches. He replaced the hands with a “digital” display of hours and minutes. Every 60-minute cycle, the hour digit would suddenly “jump” to the next hour. In 1885, the Swiss firm known as the International Watch Company of Schaffhausen, or IWC, patented the revolutionary Josef Pallweber mechanical pocket watch movement, which displayed the hours and minutes with Arabic numeral dials. Between 1885 and 1887, the Pallweber “Jump-Hour” pocket watches were exclusively manufactured by IWC. Since then, several solutions were invented and explored by different watch designers and watch brands. We believe we are the first independent watch brand to ever introduce a new Jumping-Hour as its first complication. Our Isotope Rider is a tribute to Josef Pallweber and Gérald Genta. A tribute for inventing the concept, and an acknowledgement that no other watch designer has created so many iconic watches with a Jumping-Hour complication.


Swiss ETA or Sellita and Bespoke Jumping-Hour Module

On our Rider, it is easy to read the time. The number positioned at 6 o’clock represents the hour. As an example, at 5.59, as the minute and second hands reach the last second before 6, the 6 “jumps”, replacing the 5 in the hour window. Our bespoke module, with the window hour positioned at 6 o’clock, adopts an ingenious solution. The module uses a systematic amount of power throughout an entire hour, delivering excellent results in accuracy and reliability. The heart animating the Rider is the well-known ETA 2824 or the Sellita SW200, movements that have been widely used by top brands for its reliability, accuracy and low maintenance. The Jumping-Hour module is 100% Swiss-made, assembled in the Swiss district of Biel.


Limited Edition of 99: Isotope Rider Jumping-Hour

All variations are animated either by a self-winding Swiss ETA 2824 or by a Sellita SW200 with a bespoke Swiss-made Jumping-Hour module showing an hour disc with Arabic numerals, and Isotope-exclusive minute and second gauge hands. The rotor, visible from the case back window, can either be decorated with the Isotope logo or with a bespoke design or message, per the customer’s requirements. Each model is priceless, exclusive and personal. The dials show white or black painted indexes and Arabic numerals, depending on the dial colour. An oval guichet placed at 6 o’clock shows the hour. We placed the guichet in this position, so it is possible to observe the hour “jumping” with no hand interference. The cases, crown and Isotope buckle are produced in stainless steel 316L, conferring a practical daily usage. All variants are supplied with a bespoke leather strap, either in black or dark brown calfskin leather, depending on colour combination with the dial. The metal bracelet and clasp are designed exclusively for our watches.


Technical Specifications

Case, crown, Isotope Tread Bracelet and buckle: Stainless steel 316L


Length, including lugs: 47.7 mm

Width: 46.8 mm (excluding crown) / 47.4 mm (with crown)

Height: 12.1 mm (excluding crystal) / 13.7 mm (including domed crystal)

Domed AR sapphire crystal: ø 37 mm

Case back AR sapphire crystal: ø 24 mm

Lugs width: 22 mm

Buckle: Pin buckle, 20 mm


Swiss Automatic, self-winding, ETA 2824 or Sellita SW200 with bespoke Isotope Jumping-Hour module

Functions: Mechanical, hour window positioned at 6 o’clock, central minutes and hacking seconds

Power reserve: 38 hours

Accuracy: +20”/-10” p/day


Dial Colours

The Rider has six dial colours available: Black Pepper, White Russian, Crème de la Crème, Blue Bubblegum, Envy Green, Vintage Pastel Green. 


Leather Straps (optional)

We can source the leather strap of your preference and match with a bespoke, Isotope buckle.



The standard version of the movement rotor has the Isotope logo. We offer a custom engraving service to substitute the logo with your own text or design. 


Personalisation / Order

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke specifications or to order your watch.

It's always a pleasure to meet our customers in person: info@isotopewatches.com


Ordering from and outside the U.K.

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How to pay for import duty/tax

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How much do I need to pay in duty/tax to receive my watch?

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10% tax (GBP 100)

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5% tax (GBP 100)

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5% tax (GBP 50)

8% duty (GBP 80) + DHL's handling fee



13% Tax (GBP 130)

20% Duty (GBP 200) + DHL's handling fee



10% tax (GBP 100)

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South Africa

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