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The “water drop” inspiration and concept

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Goutte d'Eau, the perfect diving machine.
Sporty and classy above and underwater.

The new Goutte d’Eau is classic. But dive deeper into its design ethic, and you’ll see that looks aren’t everything.

Designed to endure the hardest Finnish winter and to dive under the ice with the Ice Freediving World Champion, Johanna Nordblad, the Goutte d’Eau endures the toughest challenges either above or underwater.

Stainless Steel, sapphire crystal, screw-down crowns... the perfect combination for a tool watch with the looks of a classic, fluid design.

Buy now an icon for a truly iconic champion. You.

It took more than a year and numerous concepts to achieve the best result and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful watches in the market.  

Mechanical, self-winding Japanese or Swiss-made movements, the Goutte d'Eau has a ridiculously low price tag because we produce and sell directly to our customers avoiding the retail markup.

Review and photos by Mike Razak, The Time Bum

The Goutte d'Eau Inspiration

The creation of all Isotope watches is driven by two criteria:

To be beautiful, and to be beautifully engineered. And it was this mantra that led to the creation of our latest diving timepiece, The Goutte d’Eau.

Inspiration was also drawn from the flowing teardrop lines of the 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Coupé, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built: Because its beauty flowed effortlessly from its engineering.

The Isotope Goutte d’Eau was designed to live both under and above water and comes with two design options: Nordblad "Special edition" and Orange.

In a world where most diver watches are mere derivatives of the Submariner, we began with the one feature that would truly distinguish our watch from all others: the inner bezel and Super Compressor style with two crowns (one with four gaskets and one screw-down) for superior security and water resistance.

The watch head design has a classic and timeless approach and incorporates our famous teardrop dial, a design concept initiated with our Rider Jumping-Hour and now extended to all our watch models.

The Isotope Goutte d’Eau features a bespoke and exclusive stainless steel bracelet with a discreet extension clasp mechanism that allows you to quickly change the bracelet size to wear over a diving suit.

The new Nordblad, Orange, Yellow, Green and Red versions are animated by Japan made Seiko NH38  or Swiss-made Sellita SW200 offering the reliability that every Isotope watch demands. Both movements are seen as the best in the class, are shockproof and have a power reserve of 38 to 42 hours. These watches do not require a battery.

Every Goutte d’Eau has an etched serial number and comes with two years of Limited Warranty.

The Isotope Goutte d’Eau

Orange, Yellow, Green and Red have an exhibition case back whereas the Nordblad, finished in Ice Blue, has an exclusive etched case back.

Technical Specifications

  • Brushed case, 316L stainless steel
  • Case diameter 40mm X 44mm (with lugs)
  • Height 12.7mm (with SW200) or 13.4mm (with NH38)
  • Exhibition screw-down case back (Orange, Yellow, Green and Red)
  • Stainless steel screw-down case back (Nordblad)
  • Security inner bezel
  • Anti-reflective crystal sapphire
  • One crown with 4 gaskets at 2 o’clock for the inner bezel and one screw-down crown at 4 o’clock to adjust the time
  • Hands, bezel and sandwich dial with Super-LumiNova® BGW9
  • 22 mm brushed Isotope Tread Bracelet and extension clasp in 316L stainless steel
  • Water-resistance 200m / 20 atm / 656 ft

                    Mechanical Movements

                    Japan made:

                    • Automatic, self-winding Japanese Seiko NH38
                    • Power reserve 41 hours
                    • Accuracy -20/+40 s/day

                    Swiss made:

                    • Automatic, self-winding Swiss Sellita SW200
                    • Power reserve 38 hours
                    • Accuracy -12/+12 s/day

                    Goutte d'Eau video introduction:

                    The Johanna Nordblad "special edition"

                    The Nordblad Special Edition is a homage to Johanna Nordblad, World Champion of Ice Diving whose incredible story of resilience and braveness inspires us all and we proudly welcome a true Champion to the Isotope team.

                    Johanna Nordblad’s Bio:

                    It was the year 1997 when I did my first scuba diving lessons. I really liked diving, first as a divemaster for some years, and then I took the teacher’s course.

                    I tried freediving for the first time in my life in 2000 when the first freediving club in Finland opened, and right there and then I knew I would only be focusing on freediving. That same year I went to the World Championships in France.

                    In the year 2004, I made a world record in Dynamic Apnea.  I just fell in love with freediving.

                     In the year 2010, I broke my leg very badly while downhill biking. They had to do a procedure called “fasciotomy” and keep the whole thing exposed for about a week. The bone was shattered into little pieces, so I had to walk with sticks for almost a year. And it was painful.  I was waking up almost every night for like 3 years because of the pain. It was nerve pain, very strong. Of course, it also made me happy to feel it, because it reminded me I still had my leg. That was also the moment when I really started this cold water thing.

                    First I got the cold treatment for the leg and I didn't like it. The cold was also very painful. But when I got used to the feeling of cold I found it was the only place where I could get over the pain.  And it was very relaxing. It was very similar to freediving.

                    As a freediver, of course, I wanted to mix these two things. Freediving in cold water. Freediving needs total relaxation. Diving in cold water needs it a little bit more. And freediving in cold water under the ice is such a big challenge to me that I had to put all my effort to make it. It’s very fascinating and interesting to see, that I can do it in the most extreme conditions as I can imagine.

                    In 2015, I broke the Women’s World Record of diving under ice wearing only a swimming suit. It was fifty meters. From one hole in the ice to another hole fifty meters away.

                    I love freediving. After 19 years I can still find new unexpected aspects of freediving – and of my own feelings. And learn a bit more about myself. It’s amazing.



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